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Registration starts 3rd October 2022

The Competition

Náboj Junior is an international math & physics competition designed for teams of four students that represent their school. The competition lasts 120 minutes during which the teams try to solve as many of the given problems as possible.

Náboj is not about mindless application of learnt methods. Instead, the questions require a good dose of innovation and ingenuity.

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  • Registration starts
    3rd October 2022
  • The registration is over
    17th November 2022
  • Competition day
    25th November 2022


Every school in the UK which have students in Key stage 4 can register for the competition and also every school with an equivalent level in Czech republic, France, Poland and Slovakia. There is no limit for the number of registered teams for a school.

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  • you will have a productive day, which will be different from the one in school
  • you will have fun
  • you will solve interesting problems
  • you will see how good you are in comparison with Czech Republic, France, Poland and Slovakia
  • you can win something