This year's information

Due to the situation caused by the coronavirus, we have decided that the Náboj Junior will not take place in person this year. Instead, it will take place online and all contestants will solve engaging math and physics problems right from their school.

Please note that we reserve the right to change the following guidelines (or to cancel this year's competition) to reflect the rapidly evolving epidemiological situation and the measures taken by the authorities. We will inform all registered teams of any changes to the competition instructions and / or rules.

The online competition system will allow teams to view individual problems (+ download them in PDF format) and submit their solutions. However, the current course of the competition will be largely maintained. Each team will be given 6 problems at the beginning and other, harder problems will be accessible only after submitting the correct solution to one of the currently accessible problems.

As usual, the team that solves the most problems wins (in case of equality, see the rules). However, instead of a few winners from all competition venues, this year the teams will compete directly at the national level.

In order for the Náboj Junior to take place in this form, we had to change some of the competition rules. Although the number of submitted answers is essentially unlimited, each incorrect response corresponds to a time penalty of n minutes during which no further response can be submitted to the problem. Where n corresponds to the number of incorrect solutions for a given problem (ie after the first incorrect solution the team must wait one minute, after the second two minutes, after the third three minutes, …). 5 minutes before the end of the competition, all blocked tasks will be released once.

We'd like to emphasize that every team needs a computer with access to the Internet in order to compete. However, the use of computers or other electronic devices is still prohibited when solving problems. Only pens, paper and other classic school supplies (rulers, compasses,…) are allowed to compete in the Náboj Junior. In addition, you will receive a spreadsheet containing useful mathematical and physical formulas and constants.

To make the organization easier, only teachers can register the team. They will then receive important information one week before the competition and will be responsible for ensuring that the competition day 19.11. will be fair and without cheating.

We sincerely hope that you will be interested in Náboj Junior in this form as well, and we recommend that you register now!